Business-Coaching . Side-by-Side Coaching

Good communication creates bridges and connects

What is it about?

  • Recognition of own development topics that are in contact with one another professionally and non-professionally
  • The systemic exploration and weighting of conflict issues between the coachee and third parties
  • Get in touch with the demands on yourself – review / revise goals and redefine goals
  • The experience of appreciation of skills and resources
  • Find balance between tension and relaxation
  • Stress reduction and promoting a body-friendly way of working throughout the day

The lively and motivating coaching-setting picks relevant questions again and again creatively and equips you with new skills and attitudes.

The side-by-side coaching is about a quiet accompaniment, appropriate feedback, inspiration and the helpful equipment to try new ways in the context of an independently managed development.

What you take

  • An extended communication repertoire
  • Effective and effective body language
  • Negotiation skills and the ability to define and delineate
  • The “free” and constructive way of thinking
  • A new vision of one’s own activity and new design paths
  • An increased sense of health and increased self-esteem
  • Strengthening rituals for everyday work and allow yourself to say “stop”


  • A systemic and holistic discussion of professional and personal issues involving Gestalt work, bodywork, reflection and creativity techniques
  • Practical excursion with helpful communication models as part of individually tailored communication coaching
  • Exercises for perception, deep breath, concentration and physical orientation and alignment to increase the sense of stability
  • Voice and language coaching – functional voice training
  • Imparting relevant skills for sales as part of a brief presentation coaching, the successful negotiation and mastery of critical moments or periods in work and everyday life

An appropriate personal coaching is always part of the coaching, depending on the question and desire of the coachee.