Leadership development

To re-engage with one’s own role and tasks as a leader, in the preparation for the job or on the job, to bring to light hidden themes and to use them powerfully, as well as to strengthen a completely visible and tangible successful communication at all levels – viewed systemically – are the three key aspects of the leadership development offered here.

Target group

Further development in individual settings or customized trainings.

Methods / topics

  • Trainer input
  • Profile coaching
  • Systemic reflection on current scenarios
  • Holistic voice-language coaching
  • Imparting management-relevant skills
  • Safe sale & presentation
  • Safe body language
  • Promote commitment through appropriate communication and appropriate behavioral skills
  • Introduction to synergetic leadership

Leadership development as a process

Leadership development is a challenging process that involves multiple levels.

Thus, the personality, attitudes and attitudes of the participant are addressed and individual questions are worked on, piece by piece relevant knowledge for the leadership role is conveyed and the general communication strengthened.

It is about unconditional self-awareness and getting to know new ways of expression, the need for self-guidance and effective, synergetic leadership of others.

It is an organic process that requires self-activity so that the elements offered can be successfully integrated.

What you take with you / goals

  • The safe handling of conflict situations
  • Skills for good leadership and communication
  • Explored modules of synergetic leadership
  • The retrievable experience of a powerful inner basis
  • Relaxation paths and increased well-being
  • Good stress management – preventive and situational


Leadership development is offered through individual coaching and for teams and groups in the form of training. I am happy to inform you by phone, here we can discuss contents and the further steps.