Voice and language coaching

Our communication affects others on the outside and back on ourselves.

Authentic and effective language

Experiencing one’s own voice, hearing it at all, is for many a “new ground”. And it is not just the voice that “communicates” to the other person and triggers a reaction, body language also has a major impact on the process of understanding. It is said that 55% of these determine how the content is understood.

38% reads our counterpart from the vocal sound, the speed of speech, the breathing patterns. Get to know your voice again, become familiar with it. To understand the voice as an indicator of one’s own condition, to be in touch while speaking, to be in a powerful, conscious body, makes you a successful speaker. Get to know a number of small activities that are thought of as a daily routine, generating animation and relaxation.


  • Creative reflection
  • Voice training – acc. to “Functional Voice training” of Lichtenberger Modell
  • Physical orientation – to experience and use stable body axes
  • Role play work
  • Development of an individually fitting performance setting

Experience a holistic sound and speech work and get to know how the body can play its powerful role in communication. For a while we are dealing with alignment, movement, tone, breath and other important aspects of resonant speech.