Effective communication at the management level. Synergetic leadership. Development and shaping of the personality. Resonant voice, safe language and powerful expression – building and maintaining bridges

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The creative, comprehensive approach of body, mind and emotion promotes the integrative and systemic thinking of the participant.


“The tools developed together help me to master my professional life more confidently and courageously, with positive feedback from superiors and colleagues confirming this, and I am also more at home with many topics than ever before.”Reference

Participant Business Coaching

“Ms Kliche has prepared me well for an important acquisition date in English in just a few individual lessons. The special thing about it was that we worked holistically on my “attitude”. In other words, Ms. Kliche has created an awareness for the so important interplay of body language, inner attitude as well as dialogue and language skills: from facial expression and posture to the voice, inner anticipation and affection before or in the acquisition date. That was a lot at once and in a short time. But for me a perfect all-round coaching, which has brought me far more than a classic language training. Because this coherent overall attitude helped me to be relaxed and confident in conversation, to perform in a winning way and for that very reason to find the right words for my counterpart in English.”

Business Consultant / Change Management, Frankfurt am Main

“Thanking for the accompaniment on the new way to life.”

Executive aviation area Darmstadt

“The Business communication coaching gives me a new perception of my voice. Now I speak more relaxed, clearer, with more power and above all with more enjoyment! My posture has become more stable, the tension in the jaw and neck have loosened permanently. In addition, I have “saved” many ideas and images that allow further development after coaching.”

Project Manager, ESA Darmstadt

“The work with Ms. Kliche is much more than pure voice training.

Initially, I only wanted to learn methods that I can use to improve my vocal and rhetorical skills. This made sense to me, because I have a lot of customer contact in my job and often speak freely in front of many people. Ms. Kliche’s holistic approach has over time led to my whole inner attitude to such situations changing. Where I used to be more methodical and intent on paying attention to myself and my impact, the way I communicate now is much more intuitive. Today I am able to enjoy conversations with colleagues, customers or lectures in front of up to one hundred people. And this leads to an inner peace and looseness, which also allows my interlocutor to feel comfortable and to listen to me. Therefore, if you have a lot to do with a lot of different people and you are not always comfortable, I can only recommend that you visit the linguistic point and also get involved in the analytical discourse offered by Ms. Kliche.”

Business Consultant, Darmstadt