Autor: Lydia Kliche


The gestalt idea is that we develop growth, meaning and change in contact with each other. It is the holistic approach of the coaching that allows a more profound change
because a developmental process will be initiated in the participant which reevaluates past and current experiences, fully equips him and enables him a sustainable growth.


The physical reference in the coaching creates a greater awareness in the customer for his need for appropriate relaxation, exercise, nutrition, etc.

Method selection

Gestalt Consulting
Systemic coaching
©Body Visualization
Development-sensitive questioning technique
Profile coaching and supervisor advice
Presentation and performance training
Movement, voice and speech analysis
Breathing and voice coaching – functional voice training according to Lichtenberger Modell
Holistic concept of bodywork u.a. according to F.M. Alexander, Body Alignment (R.M. Procyk), Body is Voice (Heini Nukari)
Relaxation techniques
Imagination exercises
Working with communication models
Improv Theater
Role play work
Creative work

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