The body reference in the coachings and here e.g. dealing with stress and strain in the long term creates greater awareness in the customer of their need for adequate relaxation, exercise, nutrition and other equipment. Thus, the coaching is preventive and health-promoting. An important aspect of bodywork in particular is the somewhat difficult tone regulation via body and voice, as well as mental attitude, sometimes practice of rituals and establishment of an awareness of the fundamental relaxation alternating with good tension, necessary for the performance process.

The body work feeds for example from my training lines of “Body Alignment”, “Alexander Technique” and “Body is Voice”-Training. An interesting author is Eric Franklin who deals with body and movement in a very vivid way.

The breathing experience as part of the body work is based on the Functional Voice Training. This is not about a program that is to be learned, but about deepening the perception of the breath and building up the necessary physiological knowledge.

To get a taste of the Alexander technique here you find an informative website from a teacher of Alexander technique from Bremen. My coaching is extended to this technique in important parts, but I do not provide pure Alexander technique.