Gesprächsführung and Transactional Analyse

Conversation and reflection:

With regard to the discussion in the coaching I was particularly impressed in my studies, the work and the work of Carl R. Rogers. Aspects such as “active listening”, his person-centered view, his idea of the self-concept of man and his special kind of non-verbal attention are still quite remarkable for me.

My way of working is based on his teaching and the underlying humanistic image of mankind. Humanistic psychology is based on the self-control of the individual. The human being is regarded as a holistic being with cognition, emotion and motivation with the goal of self-realization. In the context of the humanistic image of man, man is able to use his abilities best in order to satisfy all his needs

Transactional Analyse

Eric Berne’s Transactional Analysis provided a valuable tool for understanding communication based on Freud’s Ich-Phasen-Entwicklung. Recognizing which ego state we are communicating from leads to better communication, well-being and simply more contact, apart from the more sustainable outcomes. Read more about his ideas here in English -> Link