The Gestalt idea is that we develop growth, meaning and change in contact with each other. In the interactive and lively coaching, the holistic methodology takes up this mechanism of action, which favors a gestalt process in which, among other things, inner images and conceptions can be brought “in Gestalt” and brought out, which usually quickly clears the way for changes in the customer and a redesign.

“Gestalt” as a valuable tool is a counseling approach in the tradition of humanistic psychology, which has its focus in the “here and now” and less in the past and the question of the “why”. The past is included, if it is of importance to the present! The gestalt process is open and conducive to creativity and self-acceptance.

The basis of my design-oriented work is the Gestalt therapy developed by Lore and Fritz Perls together with Paul Goodman in the 1950s. It has its roots in the psychoanalysis of Freud, but also in Gestalt psychology, Husserlian phenomenology, Heidegger’s existentialism, Lewis’s field theory and Martin Buber’s dialogic principle.