Method selection

  • Gestalt Consulting
  • Systemic coaching
  • ©Body Visualization
  • Development-sensitive questioning technique
  • Profile coaching and supervisor advice
  • Presentation and performance training
  • Movement, voice and speech analysis
  • Breathing and voice coaching – functional voice training according to Lichtenberger Modell
  • Holistic concept of bodywork u.a. according to F.M. Alexander, Body Alignment (R.M. Procyk), Body is Voice (Heini Nukari)
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Imagination exercises
  • Working with communication models
  • Improv Theater
  • Role play work
  • Creative work


The methods are tailor-made according to the needs and personality of the participant in the coaching and in the adapted trainings. They are loosely embedded in the counseling or training events, have their basis in Humanistic Psychology and are always up to date with the respective discipline through continuous training on the part of the trainer.

Motion analysis

This movement analysis is a mosaic piece in the context of holistic work and very valuable, since I assume that movement, thinking and speaking are closely related. Here I look for the looseness and agility when walking, after the erection sitting, standing and walking and also after the free neck and neck. Even very small changes can have a great effect and allow more relaxation.

Voice Coaching

Peaceful breathing as the basis and power of all speech.

In the Voice Coaching we explore articulation, vibration, motor tranquility, sensory alertness, as well as the breath. In an invigorating vocal-sound experience, you playfully expand your repertoire of expressions, getting to know the different sound spaces in the body becomes the new starting point for speaking, and communication becomes relaxed and effective.

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