Agile Communication Training

Basic offer

The agile, methodologically rich and holistic communication training on the topic

Successful communication and leadership

is systemically oriented, psychologically sound and makes a valuable contribution to enabling the participants to correctly assess and answer their counterparts and to communicate appropriately and successfully depending on the situation.

Laying the foundation stone for a deeper understanding of effective communication

The basic package includes the basics for a confident conversation, a successful presentation, profitable sales and confident negotiation. Practical exercises and spontaneous experimentation alternate with trainer input and joint reflections and explorations.

Consistent leadership, self-management, leading at a distance as further topics are appropriately addressed in a structural offer.


From the setting, we work in a creative way with appealing media in the group and in two-person formation freely in the room, i.e. sitting, standing and in motion. Individual topics that arise spontaneously have priority, and one-on-one conversation sequences are also given space if required. This approach reflects my understanding of agility.

Practice transfer

The overall package of the training including synchronous whiteboard documentation – graphic recording – reflection in the group and a constant wrap-up on the part of the trainer, as well as the space for the formulation of thoughts and impressions create the basis for the seamless transfer of what has been learned into the everyday work of the participants, supported by clear, informative, illustrated material for deepening.

What excited you about the communication training?

“Your openness to discussion groups, to free interaction, that there was no rigid framework … that personal weaknesses were addressed and self-reflection was encouraged.” – “The practical exercises and that each participant was dealt with individually.” – “The agility of the event, not whiteboard-heavy, the enthusiasm of the trainer.”

Comments from participants Communication training May / June 2019, INFOMOTION GmbH, Frankfurt company from the finance and knowledge transfer sector.



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