Communicate securely in virtual meetings

For some, it is new to communicate online with sound and images with colleagues as well as with the supervisor in virtual conversation situations. Dealing with this can make you feel insecure and bring to light existing ambiguities and weaknesses in your own communication style. I invite you to deal proactively and happily with the new requirement and here are a few questions for you …

What is the fundamental difference between one-dimensional and three-dimensional communication?

Are there essentials that underlie both “communication channels”? What’s not going online? Again, what is not enough offline? How do I actually sound without direct contact, if the voice is not reproduced naturally because the resonance / vibration is no longer vocal? How do I best make up for this? How does the distance resulting from the new media integration affect my working relationship with my colleagues and my superior in the long run? What are no-go’s in this context? Can I still keep my limits or is the new medium reducing them? What do I have to pay attention to with new customers? How does real good small talk work online? What is appropriate body language online? What’s just too much here? What too little?

Communicating securely on the Internet requires the ability to present oneself “a bit” more expressively and at the same time to remain in what feels like normal speaking mode like face to face. And this from the beginning! Because there is no second chance to make a first good impression (quote) and because it conveys the necessary courage and the joy of communicating, both important essences for the currently new communication channels via zoom and the like, which not everyone of your conversation partners * lie inside equally. How can you inspire and positively affect others?

Create trust through a clear address and with appropriate body language, facial expressions and gestures

Take a little less time with your contributions to the conversation, as we tire more quickly online and maybe turn away (which then nobody notices because the speaker view is perhaps small anyway, because it is distributed over many tiles). To stand out here and create liveliness in a meeting e.g. Wrapping up the previous work steps / milestones achieved is always welcome, because it is refreshing and motivating for all participants. So you will be remembered!

Shine with a suitable voice and crisply presented content, but also be allowed to remain silent – cultivate the art of listening, keep the focus

The offer

I invite you to a short training course that will equip you with valuable tools and many practical ideas on how you can successfully design online situations in the future, how you can continue to sell successfully and how you can advance important projects online. I am curious about how you are doing and would be happy to give you more information by phone.

What do we do?

The short training is suitable for individual training and for small groups and includes an interlocked sequence of a few longer intensive appointments and 1-2 short virtual sessions depending on the agreement and needs.

For further information, please arrange a preliminary telephone conversation using the contact form or email. Thank you!