Communicate securely in virtual meetings

Erfolgreich im persönlichen Raum – Coaching im Online-Successful in virtual space – coaching in online and face-to-face format – bilingual

Creating the basis for contact through clear speech and good rhetoric, conveying content with the right voice, body language, facial expressions and gestures, but also being able to remain silent – cultivate the art of listening, keep the focus!

For some, it is new to communicate online with sound and images with colleagues as well as with the supervisor in virtual conversation situations. Dealing with this can make you feel insecure and bring to light existing ambiguities and weaknesses in your own communication style. I invite you to be proactive and creative with the new requirement. In our coaching we mainly deal with the following topics:

  • preparation
  • Self-presentation as well
  • Good organization in the home office

“How does two- and three-dimensional communication actually differ fundamentally?”

Communicating securely online requires, among other things a good preparation, the well thought-out, narrow use of technical methods and the ability to present yourself “a little bit” more expressively and yet at the same time in what feels like normal, i.e. to stay for a self-appropriate speaking mode.

And: The right frame makes it!

If you work from home in the home office, the organization and the constant professional demeanor are also important and an important factor that can have a positive or negative effect on your concentration and performance.

You can specify your concerns in a preliminary telephone conversation. Simply write to the agreement using the contact form or email.