Communication Training

Convincing the other in a short time

Communicate effectively

You want to inform the others straight in a situation and win it over? Or are there more often spontaneously arranged meetings and you would like to learn how to present your ideas focused and successful at such moments, even in headwinds? An important career step is pending and you spontaneously meet the relevant person. Now you want to have the right words at hand and present yourself successfully? Getting to know the elements of the “elevator pitch” will soon enable you to master these situations with flying colors!

  • Get to know and use one’s own effect
  • Winning others with the appropriate body language
  • Invite with a resonant voice and lively talk
  • Shine in mini presentations
  • Make the audience curious

A good presentation and good communication in general inspires us, takes us along and invites us, is entertaining and effective – just an exciting impulse. Not only words but whole pictures are left hanging and the context that we have created inspires us.


  • Movement, voice and speech analysis
  • Voice and language coaching
  • Improvisation & stand-up
  • Promotion of a suitable body language, facial expressions and gestures
  • Promotion of breathing depth and spatial awareness
  • Relaxation techniques

“Not the voice is the instrument, but the whole person.” I. Stengel in 1996

For me, this means that we communicate as a whole, vocally, linguistically, body language, with emotional content, as well as mentally. We explore this in the intensive seminar or process-oriented coaching.

Ground contact

Erection / Posture


Visualization / Inner imagination / Goal

Voice / Voicing


Individual training in intensive workshops or processual coaching and in the small group. I am happy to inform you by phone, here we can discuss the contents and the further procedure.