Communication training

Secure communication in customer contact and within the team

Target groups

Professionals and aspiring executives


  • Secure communication
  • Control capability
  • Learn to assess communication safely
  • Basics of body language and vocation
  • Get to know easy ways to reduce stress


  • Techniques of conversation, such as Ich-Botschaften, active listening, asking questions, etc.
  • Use of conscious body language: posture, facial expressions and gestures
  • Getting to know and testing helpful structures from common communication models according to Schulz von Thun, Transactional Analysis etc.
  • Basic rules of a constructive communication
  • Learn how to provide situational and personally fitting feedback
  • Experience resonance when speaking
  • experience an authentic expression with your own voice


  • Keynote speeches / trainer input
  • Partner exercises
  • Role play work / Dialog Experience
  • Exercises and self-awareness exercises
  • Reflection, creative work


Leadership communication requires a strong and solid appearance, energy, and awareness based on your needs. Vocally, this shows in the resonant language, in the confident and self-confident appearance, as well as in negotiating skills and a natural assertiveness.

In the first part of the training, you will learn the basics of voice, language and body language and you will have the tools for clear communication. Learn here, too, to differentiate yourself in a friendly but definite way.


2-3 training days, more formats on request.