Leading and Personality

Leadership and personality Frankfurt


The developmental process offered here for future managers over a period of time to be agreed upon, depending on the question and the preconditions, includes a thorough and tailor-made way of working to develop the skills and personality of the participants in order to deal with the diverse requirements of the role, as well as the requirement of reliable internal fine-tuning and also the willingness to adapt and change appropriately in the respective context. A special career development line is also included. The holistic management development includes an individual and demanding process that addresses several levels.

Target group

Prospective managers and managers with some years of experience and their own questions.

Working method

First, the personality, attitude (body) and inner attitude of the participant are discussed and addressed and individual questions are worked on, piece by piece the knowledge relevant for the lead. First of all, the personality, attitude and inner attitude of the participant are dealt with and individual questions are worked on. Bit by bit, the knowledge relevant to the leadership role is imparted and the ability to communicate is expanded and thereby strengthened.

The participants get to know each other well in the reflective and holistic self-awareness in the individual setting, they experience – from a communicative point of view – new, effective means of expression and essential management tools or also those for dealing with disruptions in the team or in employee contact. You will be made familiar with effective ways to lead yourself and learn, among other things, get to know the synergetic management method better.

Understanding, recognizing your own motives and getting a good idea of your own (leadership) role is already a big step; this is carefully accompanied in the lively coaching setting. To bring the hidden topics to light and to use them powerfully and to establish an all-round visible and tangible successful communication, as well as leadership, this is what the offered organic management development process is about, which requires personal activity so that the offered elements can be successfully integrated .

Method selection

  • Systemic reflection on current scenarios
  • Communication coaching based on communication models and using holistic voice-language coaching
  • Exploration and development of strategies to promote commitment in the team, as well as imparting other leadership-relevant skills
  • Targeted training in conflict management
  • Introduction to “Synergetic Management”
  • Scripting in the area of “Being confident & presenting successfully” – also online!


  • Confident handling of conflict situations
  • Skills for good leadership and successful communication
  • Extensively explored modules of the synergetic leadership with practical loops and reflection afterwards
  • The accessible experience of a powerful inner base
  • Relaxation paths and increased wellbeing
  • Good stress management – preventive and situational


Leadership development is offered in individual coachings and for small teams as a customized Management development is offered in an individual setting; customized training courses are available for small teams.


I would be happy to inform you and we will coordinate the content in a preliminary telephone conversation. Please arrange this at short notice by email or contact form. Thank you!