Holistic Personal Coaching

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Personality, appearance, impact, charisma and assertiveness

Our professional self and personality are two closely interlinked areas that need to be understood and maintained at the same time. Experience and develop yourself in an inspiring holistic coaching – whether there are workrelated or private reasons and develop yourself in the long term. Increase your well-being and your productivity and become a successful and an inviting openminded communicator. Create a good inner base permanently – mentally, emotionally and physically.

Possible topics

  • Communication Coaching
  • Personal Growth
  • Rhetoric and Presentation
  • Time management
  • Career coaching
  • Job interview training

Self exploration

How strong am I or am I feeling myself and what can increase my strength, what prevents me from being even more powerful, even more powerful? In addition to inspiring reflective and body-oriented coaching, questions invite growth and development. How am I standing, sitting, walking? Am I upright? What inhibits me in relaxing completely without loosing my good bodytension?


The methods will be adapted and include according to the orientation, preferences, resources and needs of the participants

  • Holistic reflection
  • Systemic advice
  • Gestaltcounseling
  • Movement and voice analysis
  • Role work / dialogue experience
  • Improvisation
  • Respiratory and voice training
  • Bodywork
  • Creative work


The Personal Coaching is suitable for the lasting change of various aspects concerning our Ich-Gesundheit:

  • Change in the stress experience
  • Development of effective and meaningful language, as well presence
  • Development of a powerful inner basis through a contented and relaxed attitude
  • New ways to increase your well-being, as well as new ideas for relaxation through a broad practical knowledge of the body
  • Clarification of individual topics
  • Safe handling of conflict situations


It is a process-oriented coaching over several months and works perfectly accompanying to a Business Coaching.

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