Presentation Coaching

Ground contact

Erection / Posture


Visualization / Inner imagination / Goal

Voice / Voicing

A good presentation inspires us, takes us along and invites us, is entertaining and effective – just an exciting impulse. Not only words but whole pictures are left hanging and the context that we have created inspires us.

A participant of the Presentation coaching Frankfurt: “I’m thrilled how powerful and expressive my appearance after a few units has become – phenomenally simple and catchy the exercises.”

Invite with a resonant voice and lively talk

“Not the voice is the instrument, but the whole person“, said Ingeburg Stengel in 1996.

For me, this means on the one hand, that our body sounds and speaks as a resonator-donor and seeker, on the other hand, that we communicate as a whole – vocally, linguistically, physical, mentally and emotionally.

Benefit soon from the following effective and catchy tools and exploration paths of the coaching:

  • Movement, voice and speech analysis
  • Voice Coaching & Improvisation
  • Conscious use of facial expressions, gestures, vocal sound, etc.
  • Learn to see physical and mental looseness in context
  • Maintain your own breath as a central supporting element
  • Relaxation techniques for the moment / to prepare
  • Get the right script for entry and completion of a speech
  • Develop helpful communication skills for different scenarios

Get to know how to attract and enthuse your audience with a well-structured and action-oriented presentation with a resonant voice and clear body language. Make the audience curious, breathe and thereby invite your counterpart to breathe.

Which (famous) speakers do you like? And why?


The presentation coaching is offered in the context of individual coaching and customized for a small group as a sub-aspect of the broad communication spectrum.

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