Voice and Speech Coaching

Basic Training – Voice Coaching – Performance and Presentation coaching Frankfurt

Voice – Speech – Performance

You want to become more confident, want to master critical communication situations successfully, want to learn to assert yourself better, fair and without elbows? Do you want to keep your presentations economically viable and still convincing? I am happy to introduce you to my methodical and holistic vocal and language coaching. By the way, I also offer this coaching in German.

Target group

The holistic voice and language coaching / voice training is suitable for people who want to work on their voice professionally and privately and do so in a holistic way. You already have a basic awareness of your communication behavior and want to change and strengthen individual aspects.

Self-secure appearance

A confident demeanor and a resonant, authentic voice are guarantors of our success. Get to know your voice and resonance in the coaching, experience your body as mobile and your breath as a source of strength. Discover simple ways to relax, become communicative in the process-oriented individual training.


  • Functional Voice Training
    • Voice experience focused on language
    • Sound experience with piano accompaniment
  • Body experience, acc. to Alexander Technique, Body is Voice, Body-Alignment-Training
  • Improvisation
  • Presentation Coaching

Authentic and effective language

Experiencing one’s own voice, hearing it at all, is for many of the participants a “new ground”. And it is not just the voice that “communicates” to the other person and triggers a reaction, body language also has a major impact on the process of understanding. It is said that 55% of these determine how the content is understood. 38% reads our counterpart from the vocal sound, the speed of speech, the breathing patterns. And only 7% of us perceive the pure sense of the word in addition to all other aspects. That makes you think… Being aware of this and communicating consciously changes every communication to the best.

Experience a holistic sound and speech work and get to know how the body can play its powerful role in communication. For a while we are concerned with erection and posture, movement, tone, breath, and other important aspects of a resonant speech.

Get to know your voice and the timbre that suits you the most. Voice and state of mind are connected.


The Voice and Speech Coaching is a basic element, the participants have a good knowledge of their communication in general and have clearly defined aspects that they want to work on.

For further questions

For further questions and problems with communication in general, a combination of Voice and Speech Coaching with Personal Coaching is suitable. Would you like to work more deeply on your appearance and your performance, as well as on topics such as “Leading” and career topics? Voice and Speech Coaching in combination with Business Coaching is suitable for this.


  • Individual coaching over several months
  • Intensive workshop before an event or important 1:1 appointment


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