“Ms. Kliche’s enthusiasm and subject matter knowledge really helps motivate you in this development process. Throughout the training, I could feel my self-awareness increasing, leading to improved communication through posture, breathing, inflection, and understanding.”

Bryan Barlow, Repair Services Manager, B2X Care Solutions GmbH

“The enthusiasm for your own work and the many experiences that you gain actively in your field of activity through advanced training allow a colorful, spontaneous approach with your customers, which still follows a certain framework.”

Björn Scheder, Head of Services Finance, LBBW Stuttgart

“I was pleasantly surprised that as part of your holistic education you did not use the techniques and skills were at the forefront of our sessions, but me, as a personality / human, with strengths & weaknesses.”

Thomas Schmidt, CEO of ENTEGA Energie GmbH Darmstadt

“I can recommend 100% of your business and here the individual coaching that you practice. Thanks to your coaching (…) I feel very comfortable with my language at both meetings and during telephone conversations, this is also confirmed by my new boss.”

Knut Gerundt, Senior employee / Manager, UPS Deutschland Inc. & Co. OHG

“Ms. Kliche quickly identified a diverse set of areas for improvement which had its roots way deeper than just breathing and pronunciation. (..) Over the period we worked together I have clearly progressed in my self-awareness, confidence and – as a result – public speaking.”

Managing Director (international investment bank)

Participants of the following companies and institutions already rely on my services: Allianz SE | B2X Care Solutions GmbH | Capgemini Deutschland GmbH | Commerzbank AG | Continental AG | Deutsche Bahn Konzern | Deutsche Lufthansa AG | Deutsche Telekom AG | ENTEGA Energie GmbH | EY | ESA | Evonik Industries | EZB Europäische Zentralbank | Finance in Motion GmbH | FM Global | Fraport AG | GIZ GmbH…

“By working with Ms. Kliche, our participant has developed a more effective communication style that gives her more security and sovereignty in difficult conversation situations. Thanks to Ms. Kliche, our participant now has the necessary tools to analyze and further optimize her own communication patterns in the future . “ Reference letter

Finance in Motion GmbH, Frankfurt

I was accompanied by Ms. Kliche from September 2019 to June 2020 as part of business coaching sessions. The holistic approach that Ms. Kliche followed became the key to my success. This enabled me to work on specific situations in day-to-day business as a team leader in corporate development and at the same time to relate them to my behavior in other situations in life. The ten months have helped…

Pascal Nothwang, Team Leader in Corporate Development – July 2020

“Ich habe von Januar bis September 2020 ein Business Kommunikationscoaching bei Frau Kliche wahrgenommen und vorab mit ihr meine Wünsche telefonisch besprochen, hinsichtlich derer ich Entwicklungspotential erkannt habe. Schon bei diesem ersten Telefonat fühlte ich mich kompetent beraten und habe entschieden, mir dieses Coaching zu gönnen. In den darauffolgenden Terminen haben wir über zahlreiche Themen gesprochen, u.a. über die Körperhaltung in Verbindung mit den verschiedensten Übungen, zum Thema „Wirkung und Präsenz“, auch haben wir an der…

S.T., 53, active in banking, capital market regulation – September 2020

From December 2019 to July 2020 I took part in the Business Coaching services of Lydia Kliche with a close look on my leadership role and accompanying aspects for a total of 13 x 75 minutes. As a senior executive, I understand the importance of the decisions I make to lead a team and the image I project when making those decisions. Personally, I am quite a passionate person and…

Sonia Marin Tomas, Marketing Director Europe, Middle East and Africa with Abbott Diagnostics, Octobre 2020