“Highly recommended – I really liked your holistic approach to work and perspective. My special eye-opening experience was with regard to the statement: “If you change, the system changes.” At first I doubted it, now I know better … .”

Business Consultant, Darmstadt

Today I am able to enjoy conversations with colleagues, customers or lectures in front of up to one hundred people. And this leads to an inner peace and looseness, which also allows my interlocutor to feel comfortable and to listen to me.

Business Consultant, Darmstadt

“The Business communication coaching gives me a new perception of my voice. Now I speak more relaxed, clearer, with more power and above all with more enjoyment! My posture has become more stable, the tension in the jaw and neck have loosened permanently. In addition, I have “saved” many ideas and images that allow further development after coaching.”

Project Manager, ESA Darmstadt

“Thanking for the accompaniment on the new way to life.”

Executive aviation area Darmstadt

Frau Kliche hat mich auf einen wichtigen Akquisetermin in englischer Sprache in nur wenigen Einzelstunden hervorragend vorbereitet. Das Besondere daran war: Wir haben ganzheitlich an meiner „Haltung“ gearbeitet.

Business Consultant / Change Management, Frankfurt am Main

“The tools developed together help me to master my professional life more confidently and courageously, with positive feedback from superiors and colleagues confirming this, and I am also more at home with many topics than ever before.”Reference

Participant Business Coaching